Residential Services

COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfecting

is a professional fix that uses an electrical charge to allow the appropriate sanitizer and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.


Carpet cleaning: General and deep cleaning. Brush and bonnet, and carpet shampoo extractor.

  • 2 Rooms $130.00
  • 3 Rooms $145.00
  • 4 Rooms $185.00
  • 5 Rooms $225.00
  • 6 Rooms $265.00
  • 7 Rooms $305.00

Rooms over 200 sq.ft are equal to 2 rooms

  • All hallways are $30
  • Large Master Bedrooms Closets $30
  • One Staircase up to 13 steps $65
  • Pet Oder Enzyme $45 per area

Carpet cleaning includes pet stain and red stain removal
*In extreme cases additional charges will apply*

Rehab Clean Up

Just completed renovation on a property that need to be cleaned up and move-in ready? Alayjiah Inc. is at your service. We will clean up all of the debris and get rid of all of the dust that construction sites always accumulate, and provide a clean space that is all ready to move-in.

Foreclosure Cleanup

Remove trash, abandoned personal items, abandoned furniture, appliances, etc. We will do a deep clean and our products will sanitize the property to ensure the elimination of possible health hazards.

Tile & Grout

Remove all the dirt and grime from floor tiling and grout to give ur space a spotless, like-new appearance.

Move In/Move Out

Floor to ceiling cleaning of an entire space losing or gaining occupancy.